Should I ever poison a bat?

Yes, if you are a murderer! Tennessee bats are not rodents or disease carrying insects that you need to immediately get them off your property. Memphis bats are a protected species, in fact, it is illegal to even trap a bat without having the proper permission to do so. Even if killing bats may not be illegal in your area, use of the poison DDT or RoZol, the only known poisons that would kill the bat, is illegal for use as well. This substance is so strong that it can even kill humans. You should never poison a bat, ever.

There is only one way to eradicate bats from a building and this is by the exclusion method. You would also need to know bats are giving birth though, usually around June. Baby bats take several weeks before they can fly and are heavily dependent on their mothers for survival. You cannot use the exclusion method around this time as the babies would end up starving to death. June and July are the two months in which bat removal should be prohibited. By September, bats may start going into hibernation for the upcoming winter season, so the exclusion method would not work at all. There are basically only 3 months where any attempt to remove bats, should be made. These are April, May and August.

Before you remove the Memphis bats, you may want to think about building a bat house for them to live in. This is the more humane option and you can worry less of having pesky insects around, such as mosquitoes and other bugs that tend to destroy your plants. Bats are really harmless, they do not go about attacking humans. If a bat bites someone then it was being threatened and it would only bite the person as a defense mechanism rather than an outright attack. While they are known for having the rabies virus, they do not all have the disease. When a bat has contracted this disease, it seeks out a secluded area in which to die, it does not become aggressive, unless it is being threatened.

Most bats forage for food in the evening or at night. The mistake many homeowners make though, is thinking that all the bats leave at night in search of food and then they seal up the area. This is far from the truth. Bats live in large colonies and if they all leave at the same time, they would scare away all the insects by the sound that they make. Before they leave in search of food, they would fly around the area first and then leave in groups, some staying behind until the others have returned. The exclusion method really takes this into account. To use this method, you would need to install one-way tunnels or use exclusion nets on the bats entry way. They would be allowed to leave the location, but they would not be allowed to enter again. This method is the only successful way to remove bats from the premises.

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